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Resin Bonded Driveway Benefits

Information and colours on resin bonded products

Resin bonded driveway benefits.

There are a number of factors which contribute towards resin driveways being a more suitable option for your driveway needs, benefits of  resin driveways include:

They are cheaper.

Resin bonded driveways are a cost effective way of improving your driveway, this is because it can be applied over existing tarmac at a much cheaper price than what it would be to rip up first.  Added benefits are that it looks amazing and the varity of colours can match your property and  its surroundings to create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Resin and aggregate driveways are fairly resistant to weeds as well as oil spilages, they do  not fade in ultra violet light and are relatively low maintenance.

The natural stone aggregates are held in place with epoxy or polymer resins but similarity of the names of the two systems has caused confusion with customers.

To add to the confusion a variety of other names are commonly used by the various manufacturers and installers to discribe resin and aggregate surfacing systems, including resin bonded gravel, resin bound paving, resin bound gravel, resin bound stone and resin bonded stone.

The system K mackenzie contractors use has these benefits:

  • Industry leading, new generation, advanced hybrid system.

  • Polyurethane based system with the latest polymer technology for stronger, resilient bonds.
  • ISO 9001 environment for the highest quality manufacturing standards and piece of mind.
  • Odourless mixture.
  • Can be used from 5-30 degrees dependant on the conditions.

The new ResinBound Pro is inherently different to other resins on the market due to its colour. The aesthetic difference is striking between other resins on the market and the ResinBoundd Pro Part B (Isocyanate) because the colour is much lighter.  Other manufacturers isocyanate is a tar brown, leaving a dark brown resin residue on the surface within days.  This changes and dulls the aggregate colour, diminishing the visibility of th veins. The composite and refind manufacturing process of the ResinBound Pro means it is a lot lighter in colour.  When it is laid there is a minimal colour change enabling the aggregate to hold its original colour properties and you can still see the natural veins in the aggregates, offering a superior appeaarance.

Colours available;